wiccan ritual tools

Wiccan Ritual Tools

For many of us who weren’t raised as Wiccan or even Pagan, not knowing where to start can be a problem for many new folks who are new to the path.

If you are someone who has recently converted to the Wiccan path or even just overall Paganism, and you are wanting to start getting your own supplies, it can be daunting.

Wicca is a religion and it is highly recommended that you study under someone who has intense knowledge about the craft.

With this, a new Wiccan should also realize that a ‘Wicca Kit’ is not something you should really be buying, but rather separate items that you put together to form your own unique ritual kit.

These items and tools can either be purchased or you could already have them in your possession.

Wiccan ‘Kits’

As mentioned above, you should not be buying Wiccan kits for rituals, and even the ones that are available are only small kits with a few items inside.

If you really want to buy one of these starter packs on Amazon, then by all means go ahead, but I personally wouldn’t do it.

The reason for this is that your ‘Wiccan or Pagan kit’ is a very personal thing.

You may see something at a shop that you want to buy, or perhaps you have something of sentimental value at home that you want to add, or perhaps you find something in nature that resonates with you.

The tools and items are perceived as part of you as the Wiccan.

You should feel connected to them, protected by them, and most importantly, believe in them and the ‘power’ that they represent, bearing in mind, that the tools and items themselves don’t really hold any magical powers, but rather the energy of the Wiccan who is using them in their practice.

Everything after all is energy, and the intent of the Witch for the use of each item and tool is the energy it will hold.

Remember, that because there are different types of Wicca, and different traditions in Paganism itself, there really is no set list of what tools and items you have to have.

Even though there is a general guideline of what you can have for rituals, each Pagan/Wiccan will have different tools and items that they personally connect with.

Another thing, just to clear up any confusion, I have used both terms ‘Wiccan and Pagan’ above, but please remember that Paganism is the umbrella term to describe any religion or path outside of Christianity.

Wicca is just one Pagan religion.

All Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans.

It’s the same as Christianity being an umbrella term, and Methodist or Catholic being two of the Christian religions.

Hope that helps.

What are Wiccan Tools used for?

The tools used in Wiccan rituals are to draw in, connect to and direct energy to and from Source/Divinity/Spirit.

Some tools and items are used as representations of The God and Goddess and the elements.

Some tools will be used as protection and some used to hold other items.

Some Wiccans prefer to keep it simple and just have some basic tools and items that represent more than one function, and other Wiccans prefer to be much more elaborate.

There is no right or wrong or judgments about what is expensive or not, or who has the most items. It is not about that at all! It’s about connectivity, what resonates and most of all what works for you at the Witch that will be using the tools and items.

Where to get Wiccan Tools and Items

As recommended, if you are interested in becoming a Wiccan, you should study with a teaching coven for a year and a day, and they may suggest places where you can get your tools from.

If you are part of a coven, they may or may not have a preferable place for you to get your tools, but either way, they will make it known to the coven members if they do have a specific place in mind.

If you are solitary Witch, then the world is your oyster.

Not all items have to be bought, and they certainly needn’t be expensive.

Sometimes, they needn’t cost a cent!

The items and tools you use during your ritual practice should stand out to you and you should resonate with them.

Go to new age shops, and see what stands out for you. In addition, you  can buy at online shops but you don’t really get the full experience of holding the items and feeling what you feel.

Another thing you can do is to look around your home and garden. More than likely, you already have multiple items that you can use. Perhaps you have a small gift that was given to you by someone special and you want to add it to your practice.

Another idea is to go out into nature! You’d be amazed as to what you can find. Many Wiccans have made their own wands out of tree branches and sticks that they’ve found.

People have come across oddly shaped stones and leaves that have spoken to them, and they’ve used them in their rituals.

As any true Wiccan knows, nature is a great provider and is the ultimate Divine! So, open your eyes to the infinite bounties of mother nature!

Remember to always cleanse your items, and then charge them with your own energy!

This is because you don’t know what or who has touched them or come into contact with them along the way!

There are many different ways to cleanse items.

Running water, salt, incense and the full moon are all good ways to cleanse your tools and items, but obviously this depends on what they are, so don’t cleanse delicate and fragile items in water etc…

The Wiccan tools

For new Wiccans, who are starting out and especially if you are doing your own ritual, a basic guide would be four things that represent the four elements and something to represent the God and Goddess.

Some tools that you can use, which would also serve other purposes are as follows:

  • Earth – A pentacle. If you use a pentacle, this will also serve as protection.
  • Air – A wand
  • Fire – A sword or athame. An athame also doubles as a tool to draw in energy.
  • Water – A chalice, which will also serve to hold ritual drink.

If you prefer to use more nature-based items, then, some ideas could be:

  • Earth – A rock, a small bowl of soil, a bowl of sea salt
  • Air – A feather or incense
  • Fire – A candle, sword
  • Water – A small bowl of water, a seashell

However, if you prefer to keep things even more simple, you can just use colored candles for each element:

  • Earth – Black or Brown
  • Air – White or yellow
  • Fire – Red or orange
  • Water – Blue

Remember, there is no right or wrong, and it’s entirely up to you as the practicing Wiccan, as your intent and energy is the most powerful magic of all!

===> Check out my recommended Wiccan ritual tools on my resources page.

You may even want to mix it up a bit, or perhaps you may want to put not only an item or tool in a quarter, but a candle as well!

For the God and Goddess, you can use statues that represent each one to you or again you can use some candles.

Candle colors should be any colors that are relatable to the God and goddess that you have chosen. Else, the standard colors are Gold for the God and Silver for the Goddess.

You can also use statues of different Gods and Goddess’s if you wish to invoke a particular energy relatable to the ritual you are doing.

Another way to represent the God and Goddess is to use images of what or who resonates with you.

The most basic of Wiccan Tools and Items

By now, you should know that the tools used for Wiccan rituals is a very personal thing, and in saying that, some Wiccans don’t even use anything, however, I don’t recommend this as only highly knowledgeable Wiccans who have been practicing the craft a really long time can manage to do this.

In my experience of practicing rituals whether it be on my own or within a group of people, I would suggest the following items as you most basic Wiccan Ritual kit:

  • Four colored candles that represent the four quarters
  • Two candles to represent the God and Goddess.
  • A pentacle (check this one on Amazon)
  • Incense or smudge stick
  • Athame

Aside from your candle representations, your pentacle with act as an overall protection tool, the incense or smudge stick will clear away a negative energy from the ritual space and the athame can be used for multiple functions: drawing in energy, casting a circle and cutting of items on a Spiritual plane.

===> To read up more about the use of an athame, please check my article here.

===> To get more information on the usage of a pentacle, please check pentagram article here.

If you are looking to purchase your first athame, a really nice inexpensive one would be this AzureGreen one with a lovely wooden handle. You can find the latest price here on Amazon.

The blade measures about 3 inches, and comes with a protective sheath. Perfect for newbie Wiccans!

As you start to familiarize yourself with Wiccan rituals, you will gain more knowledge and find what resonates with you and your energy, and you will begin to add more things to your ritual tools and items list as well.

When many Wiccans start out, they simply use the ground or a table around the house for their rituals. If you are part of a coven, you will most probably do rituals out in nature, but many solitary witches set up an altar table.

Altar tables can be either temporary or permanent, and they can remain more or less the same or else they can change according to the wheel of the year or the ritual that you are performing.

Click here to read more about Altar Tables.

If you want a dedicated table that will be only used as your altar table, then go for it.

For me personally, I am more into simple tables made of wood, as it connects me more to nature. This table here on Amazon is something very similar to what I have.

Please be very careful when choosing altar tables! Pay very careful attention to the dimensions! Their sizes can look very deceiving when viewing them online, so please make sure that you measure accordingly!)

As I say, I personally prefer a natural, simple looking one, but you can find some beautiful altar tables with exquisite detail, like this one on Amazon, if that is something you prefer and you are willing to splash out.

On the other hand, honestly – a simple coffee table will do!

On your altar table, all your tools and items will be set up and as mentioned before, it’s difficult to say what should go on there, because it’ll be personal and different for each Wiccan.

However, I will put some examples of what I might set up for myself and my husband as temporary altar table when we do a ritual:

A Halloween Altar table example:

Halloween AKA Samhain is a time where the veil between the dead and the living thins and we can use this to remember them and or even talk to them.

Samhain is also a Witch’s new year, so it’s a very special Sabbat, and along with Yule, it’s actually my favorite Sabbat!

Click here to read more about the eight Sabbats!

Always have your table of choice, whether this be your coffee table or dining room table, the ground or even an old crate that you’ve turned upside down.

Always remember to cleanse the area and or sweep the ground! We always use a table cloth color relative to the Sabbat. Blacks, dark oranges and dark purples are good colors for Halloween.

We then add a photo or a memento of late family members and pets with a white tealight candle in front of these photos or mementos. (Some witches even put their loved one’s ashes on the table – whatever you want to use that reminds them of you)

You can also include some of their favorite food or drink. We personally don’t as we eat a Samhain meal afterwards, but it’s up to you. We also would include candle each for the God and Goddess and the four quarters, or else some nature representations, and arrange these around a pentacle.

I also like to decorate the table with some fallen autumn leaves and orange flowers. I also put miniature pumpkins and apples on the table.

The last thing I add is a Samhain prayer card. We always keep our rituals simple and short.

Afterwards, we will then have a meal, preferably with food that represent the Sabbat or Ritual that we have just done or celebrated.

At Samhain, we always eat a roasted root vegetable casserole, and maybe something like apple pie afterwards.

A Full Moon Altar Table example:

Like all my rituals, I prefer to keep Full Moon rituals very simple, and Blue Moon is definitely one of my favorite rituals to do, because many believe, as I do, that Blue Moon is extremely powerful and holds an abundance of spiritual energy.

I may include a white or gold colored table cloth on my table.

I’ll arrange colored candles and / or nature representations for my quarters around a pentacle.

I may include a picture of the full moon if I feel like it, and then include a heat resistant dish to which I will burn a piece of paper where I have written down what I want to let go of.

You could also choose to focus on manifesting something. If this is so, include it (if it’s small enough) or something to represent it, such as money or write down a few words of what you wish to focus on.

Other tools for Wiccan Ritual

I now want to focus on each of the tools that a Wiccan may use, and what they are used for.

Again, please note, these are items that a Wiccan may or may not use, and it’s not necessary to have this whole list! You’ll come to see that many of these items are optional, while some can be used for more than one function.

Always choose what works for you as a Wiccan.

Bowls or dishes – These can hold water or soil. They can hold offerings for the God and Goddess or else a heat resistant dish can be used for burning things.

Soil – Representation of the Earth quarter

Incense/Censor – Representation of the air quarter, and can also be used as a smudging tool to cleanse the area.

Water – Representation of the Water element

Drum – Used to raise the energy and connection to one’s own spirituality

Mirror – Used for scrying and divination

Mortar and Pestle – Where herbs are crushed and mixed together. Remember an unpolished interior is rough but will break down food faster, whereas a polished interior is smoother but will take longer to break down the food! I use this one here.

Sword – Representation of the Fire quarter, but also as protection, and used to cast circles. May be used in place of an athame, however it is not necessary if you have an athame.

Crystals – Used to bring more energy to the ritual. Can be placed in the quarters or used for a specific ritual or for something that you’re manifesting. Crystals can also be used as an Earth representation.

Altar – This is your space and/or table where you do you place your ritual tools and items

Bell – Used for focus and concentration, but can be used to dispel unwanted energy. Is said to be the voice of the Divine and to invoke the Goddess.

Singing bowls are also great for this purpose. This one is fantastic and can be bought on Amazon.

Boline – Known as the white handled or Goddess knife. It is a knife with a curved blade used to cut things on the physical plane, such as herbs, cords and carving candles.

Book of Shadows – This is a Witches personal book that contains spells, ritual instructions and anything else that he or she wishes to add into it. A witch may choose to add some nature poetry (like I have) pictures, rules of magic, history of magic and very special and old sentiments that have been handed down to them. A Book of Shadows is a personal thing and no one book will be the same. Read more about the Book of Shadows here. 

Broom – Another name for a broom is a Besom. They are used to sweep the sacred space of negative energy before ritual. Now I must say here that you need to be careful as well if you are going to be purchasing online. A besom needs to be natural, meaning that is should be made of wood and the bristles should be made of sticks or twigs, which is why I strongly suggest gathering your own twigs out in nature and making your own besom. Many, if not most of the witches brooms that are sold online are artificial, and that is not what we want, and it is so easy to do this as well as you are getting it for free. However, if you for any reason can’t get to making your own, then you can purchase something like this one, It’s 100% natural, which just totally brings the element of nature into your sacred space. The handle is also wooden! Don’t use plastic ones!

Candles – Candles are pretty self-explanatory. We’ve discussed how they can be used as representation for the God and Goddess, and the four quarters, but candles are a very popular item that nearly every witch makes use of to represent light, or manifestation of something, or the flame can be used to burn something.

A stunning gold candle can be found here, and this one is made of beeswax, again, bringing the element of natural into your space, however, there is nothing wrong with using a more simple candle like this one.

A simple silver one for the Goddess can be found here. If you’re after something more prettier, then take a look these.

Cauldron – This represents birth, death and rebirth and is a symbol of the female womb. Can be used to hold water and is heat resistant so can hold fire when burning herbs or other items. In addition, can be used for scrying when filled with water and for potion making. This particular cauldron on Amazon, is an affordable one, however, it doesn’t come with a lid.

If you are looking for one with a lid, then this cute little cast iron one may suit you. Bear in mind that it is small though!

Chalice – Representative of the womb, the chalice holds water or drink for the ritual. Drinking the liquid inside the chalice brings you closer to the Goddess.

Remember to check that the chalice is safe to drink out of. Some of them may not be suitable for that.

Chalices, like many Wiccan items do not have to be expensive, and if push comes to shove, a simple wine glass would do.

If you wish to splurge out a little bit more, then take a look at this stunning decorative chalice on Amazon

This one is Stainless Steel inside, which is safe to drink out of, and the detail in the decoration on the outside is truly exquisite.

Cords – Cords can be used for spell work or in a hand fasting ritual, but they are sometimes worn as belts in covens to represent hierarchy.

Oils – Essential oils speak for themselves. They give off a scent depending on which one you use and can be used to enhance the magic during a ritual. They can be used for anointing a witch’s foreheads during a ritual as well.

Pentacle– symbol of protection and can also represent the earth element. They are usually laid in the center of your altar table. I actually have a beautiful one that has red roses painted on it, and it has a place to hold a tea light candle at the five points. It’s beautiful, and very similar to this one herealthough, this one unfortunately doesn’t have red roses on it 🙂

Wand – The wand is representative of the male aspect and also the air element. Can also be used for casting a circle.

Wands are very personal (yes Harry Potter did get it right 🙂 and very often wands are made by finding the ingredients in nature, but if you prefer to buy one, you need not spend tons of cash. As always, I would recommend opting for something wooden, as it highlights the element of nature. Wands are also very personal, and some for many people who make their own, incorporate various things into their wand that speaks to them. Some Wiccan’s prefer a specific type of wood from a particular tree, some prefer another type of material. Some like to use crystals on theirs, and some don’t. It’s completely up to you!

Robe – Some Wiccans choose to use a robe when doing ritual as it helps them get more into the ‘spirit’ of ritual. Some covens have specific colors and styles for their robes, and some Wiccans even go completely sky clad underneath (naked).

This is so a Witch can feel more connected to the Earth and its energies.

I love this robe here. However, again, feel free to make your own if you have the sewing ‘fingers’

Salt – Used as a cleansing tool. It should be in a small bowl of water on the alter or else your chalice can be used. It represents Earth energy (salt) and water energy together and is actually a great addition to your altar.

Smudge Stick – to cleanse the sacred space before ritual. I have always been a fan of using White Sage, as it’s so great at clearing away negative energy.

Buy your white sage smudge stick here! 

I like this one, because it’s the real deal. Just be mindful when purchasing smudge sticks and even incense, as some of them can be misleading and claim to contain certain herbs when they don’t.

Staff – can be used to draw a circle or to show rank, usually by the High Priest and Priestess. It is also representative of male energy.

Herbs – Herbs are self-explanatory. They can be used for potions or to increase the energy of a ritual.

Athame – I did speak about the athame above, so just to recap, this is one of the most important tools in ritual. This is a double-edged knife that is representative of the God. Used to cut things on a spiritual level as well as draw in energy. Can also be used for casting circles.

To purchase a really nice inexpensive one, check out this AzureGreen one with a lovely wooden handle.

The blade measures about 3 inches, and comes with a protective sheath.

I really hope this article will be of some help and/or interest to new Wiccans and already practicing Wiccans alike.

Most of all, please remember to enjoy your practice and your Ritual.

It’s very common to feel nervous at first, and wonder if you are doing things right, but at the end of the day, it’s about the intent in your heart and you are your most powerful tool of all!

The abundant magic is always within you!

===> For a list of some of our recommended Wiccan / pagan tools and accessories, please visit our resources page here.