wiccan ritual tools

Wiccan Ritual Tools

For many of us who weren’t raised as Wiccan or even Pagan, not knowing where to start can be a problem for many new folks who are new to the path. If you are someone who has recently converted to the Wiccan path or even just overall Paganism, and you are wanting to start getting your own supplies, it can be daunting.

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vegan pagan

Should Pagans be Vegan?

Mention the word vegan, or merely just vegetarian, and some people want to run for the hills. There are not many people who haven’t heard of these words Vegan and Vegetarian, but for people who are on a Pagan path or people who are interested in pursuing a pagan path, they are often faced with the question: Should Pagans be Vegan? Or at least Should Pagans be Vegetarian?

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tarot card deck

What is Tarot reading?

Something I am often asked is what are tarot cards? Tarot cards are graphical representations of things that we are likely to encounter in our daily lives such as hardships, self-improvement, love, hate, death, rebirth, wealth, illness, and so on. Each image on a tarot card represents one of these ideas, for example the moon tarot card normally is an image of a moon, sometimes with other drawings included such as howling wolves, and can represent the idea that something in your life is not what it seems.

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Runes and Their Meanings

The basic story goes that the God Odin, decided to hang upside down from the World Tree by his feet, in order to gain the knowledge and wisdom from this tree. And during his time hanging from the tree he discovered runes and designed the rune alphabet and system.

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Book of Shadows: For Beginners

Folks new to the craft often like to ask, what is a Book of Shadows? The Book of Shadows is a book which contains a Wiccan or witch’s spells, rituals, information on the different Sabbats of the year, how to cast magic circles and how to close them, how to draw symbols such as pentagrams, moon phases, herbs and their uses, types of divination for example such as tarot and ruins, information on pantheons and deities, crystals, incense and so on.

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What Is A Pentagram?

A pentagram is simply a 5-pointed star with all the points being equal in size. It can also be known as a pentalpha, pentage, or a star pentagon. Its roots lie is representing humans, the heavens and the stars. The five points, also relate to the number five as magical and mystical.
Apart from having different meanings in different religions and these meanings changing over time, the number of five relates to all things five, such as the five senses within humans, the five elements, and its early representation of the five wounds of Jesus Christ.

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Wiccan Altar: For Beginners

Something new Wiccans often wonder about is the Wiccan altar layout, how to set up a Wiccan altar and Wiccan altar tools that should be added to a Wiccan altar. A Wiccan altar table is an important place of power, is a spiritual focus point and also a place to leave all of your Wiccan ritual tools and accessories in a safe place.

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What is an Athame?

I was watching a Wiccan ritual where the High Priestess was using an athame and decided to follow up with other beginners of the craft if they understood its purpose. And I suddenly realized that there are many folks who ask what is an athame used for and what meaning does it have in ritual?

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